The Ideal Gas Equation Edit

Formula is pV = nRT

  • p is pressure in Pa (Pascals)
  • V is volume in m3 (metres-cubed)
  • n is moles (no units)
  • R is the gas constant which is 8.31JK-1 mol-1 (Note: You do not need to remember this as it will be give to you in the exam)
  • T is temperature in K (Kelvin)

How to work out Edit

  • 1 atm is 100,000 Pa or 101,000 Pa
  • 100 kPa is 100,000 Pa
  • From degrees Celsius°C to K add+273 to the value
  • m3 to dm3 multiply by 1,000
  • m3 to cm3 multiply by 1,000,000
  • Standard conditions is 100,000 Pa and 298K